result #02

New brand experience for Youth Care.

Bureau Jeugdzorg Regio Amsterdam (The youth care agency for the Amsterdam region) needed a fresh strategy and a new strategic marketing plan. Profound changes of this kind need to start with the basics. Who are we? Does everyone know what we do and why we do it?

In order to clarify this, we held strategic sessions with the management and the board of directors. Then we came up with three potential names and five matching pay-offs. We asked the employees which they thought best suited the new brand values.

The ‘Jeugdbescherming’ (Youth protection) brand name with the pay-off ‘Iederkind veilig!’ (Every child safe) came out on top. Then, in order to fulfil the promise, a new way of working was chosen: ‘One family, one plan, one family manager’.






It’s not about winning prizes of course; it’s about what’s best for your clients, patients and partners.
We know that and we are eager to lend a hand!