result #03

The ultimate omnichannel pet experience.

Faunaland pet shops and Dobey needed to set themselves apart from their online competitors. But how?

Among other things, we decided to highlight the knowledge of the keenly motivated staff at each shop chain with the new name of ‘Dierspecialist’ (Animal Specialist). This concept has been rolled out through an extensive omnichannel retail approach. The printed material is no longer flat-price oriented, but informative. The staff is motivated and well trained, and the stores have been upgraded.

For the second year on the trot, a Dierspecialist pet shop has even been awarded the title ‘pet shop of the year’!






Are you on your way to becoming shop of the year?

The best retailers know their own strength as well as the strength of each channel.
Together we’ll find the perfect junction where they both meet.