We ontwerpen stijlvolle
en natuurlijk doelgerichte oplossingen.

qiss is an Amsterdam-based advertising agency, but not your typical one. We don’t go in for gimmicks. Creating stunning work with our clients and for them – that is why we do what we do.

Work that gets results! Do you need a strategic plan for a repositioning of your brand? A complete online and offline campaign

to really fight off the competition? A shop concept that will fascinate your client down to the last square centimetre? Or simply a catchy flyer to promote your new product? We’d be happy to oblige. And there won’t be any surprises; our pricing is clear and competitive, and we’ll let you know in advance what the fees are. That’s how we’ve been doing things for almost 25 years.

Wat we doen.


MBrands disappear into nothingness

TTMF, the Land of Once, Libertel, Daewoo, Benbits – more and more trusted and well-known brands are disappearing from our lives, whether we notice or not. We can no longer take for granted the things we take for granted. Even V&D succumbed. We can blame online shopping for that. We can use the recession as a scapegoat, but that doesn’t explain why new brands are appearing faster than the old ones are disappearing. Zalando, which gives customers a vast choice and flexibility. Media Market, for customers who still want to touch products. Bol.com, where shopping convenience rather than the lowest price makes the difference. Each and every one of them successful in a world tormented by online shopping and recession. So the question is whether the consumer has actually changed. Yes, online shopping is popular. Yes, consumers benefit from transparent prices. But a brand can still be the thing that makes a difference.

Change was, still is, and is here to stay

More and more organisations and companies are having trouble keeping all the balls in the air. There is a lack of expertise. Marketers are struggling to strike a balance between online and offline. Managers see things in terms of an old world and a new one. And everyone keeps on reinventing the wheel. So why? Is there actually an old world and a new one? Doesn’t change simply belong to all times and shouldn’t we ‘simply’ go along with it? Yesterday, narrowcasting was still sacred; today SEO and Google Analytics are divine. The secret? Stay flexible. Cherry pick. More than anything, keep your brand stable. Make sure your brand remains relevant and distinctive, even if something new is invented tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

Notice the difference

At Qiss, we believe in strong brands now more than ever. We believe in a clear and distinctive proposition that reaches the heart of the target group. That’s what makes the difference. No gimmicks; just served neat. Real. From within. In order to get that brand DNA clear, we scrape, peel, shell and dig until we get to the essence. This creates an inspiring and solid grip for us to continue building using an omnichannel strategy. Consequently, everything about the brand makes sense. Everything reinforces everything else. Everything is consistent and coherent. As such, everything is always clearly recognisable to the client. Customers used to like that and they still do, and that will always be the case. Can you explain the relevance of your brand in one sentence? Can you say what makes it distinctive and unique? If you can’t, or if you are in any doubt, then make an appointment for an introduction or a brainstorming session. You’ll see that there is a better way of doing things!

brand strategy.

Together we can create the
essence of your brand.

brand book.

We will design the bible for the look and feel of your brand.


We bring your brand to life in every way imaginable.


360 degrees and targeted.

Retail is exciting.

Retail is selling in its purest form. Face-to-face. Entrepreneur-to-customer. It’s a great segment! We’re retail fans. But retail has also been put under pressure. No more face-to-face; now it’s face-to-computer screen. This didn’t happen from one day to the next by the way; it’s has been going on since the 1990s, when the Internet started to enrich our lives. Many traditional retailers decided to do online what they were used to doing offline. Under pressure from affiliated entrepreneurs, many retail organisations decided not to engage in e-commerce at all. Many other retailers still believe three identical items per square kilometre of store area to be a sensible sales strategy. The results are familiar. A shift in the global economy. And fortunately, new retailers who understand that you need to change when the market demands it. Think of the Coolblue service heroes who are now opening offline stores as well. Or the success of clothing giant Primark. Nothing online, just face-to-face. Back in the queue. Waiting to be allowed to pay for your new-found twenty-quid jeans. Do you want to be successful in retail? It’s still possible.

Retail was exciting.

We are just wondering where the passion has gone. Call it nostalgia, but only managing by numbers sucks the life out of the physical shop, doesn’t it? Look at Albert Heijn supermarket’s fish section. Or rather, the fish shelf. The little fish shelf. It’s nothing more than a collection of transparent trays of fish fillets inspired by shoe insoles, stacked by a 16-year-old student who (quite understandably) thinks of nothing but his scooter and Lianne who sits in the front row of his maths class. No wonder consumers would rather shop online. There’s at least as much atmosphere and inspiration! It’s a pity that the graduate Category Manager at Head Office doesn’t stop to think about that when optimising their profit per square centimetre of shelf space. Make retail fun for the customer again. Make retail exciting again!

Retail is going to be exciting again.

Retail is selling. It is still just selling. That is why we cherish our knowledge and experience built up over the past thirty years. We continue to insist that employees on the shop floor should ‘just’ smile in a friendly way. The Internet hasn’t changed us as people. As the Internet has in fact changed our purchasing behaviour, we are adding new techniques to what we already knew. We use the good things from the past. We use the good things from the present. We use what is good for retail sales. Your sales? We’d be happy to discuss it some time. Exciting stuff!

Korte lijnen.

Geen ellenlange processen, maar
resultaat van mensen die je kent.


Van strategie tot executie en
van packaging tot activatie.


Online, thuis,
in de winkel en out of home.


Bring your ideas to life.

Services in dire straits.

Service providers have had a rude awakening. It wasn’t a question being gently and carefully roused; they were woken up by loudly clanging alarm bells. The private sector saw demand collapse and faced overcapacity, falling prices and falling sales. A lack of consumer confidence – The public sector was faced with cutbacks and was called upon to perform better and better with ever-decreasing resources. A lack of money in the government – Although the economy is now showing a slight recovery, the market for service providers remains fragile. We’re not there yet.

It’s all about performance.

A lack of obligations is pre-crisis. Past. Of another age. Results and accountability are the magic words that everything in services is currently all about. As a manager you are only as good as your latest results, and not achieving those results has inevitable consequences. This way of working can lead to fear, and fear paralyses you. It leads to a management that does not dare to change and to employees who face their future with trepidation. It’s not a great foundation for growth. It is therefore important to combine flexibility with trust and results. At qiss, we will help make services dynamic and fun.

It’s all a question of pride.

Together with Progres consultancy (and Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle) we look for the intrinsic and extrinsic brand essence of organisations. We use this philosophy as a basis on which to look for a common goal that drives everyone. We inspire management and encourage employees. Because everyone matters. And everyone wants to feel proud. To be as one. To feel strong together. We therefore superimpose content, process and relationship on top of each other and make sure a company’s identity seamlessly fits the brand DNA. An identity that the entire organisation can be proud of. This way, services become dynamic and fun again. This way, service providers become strong again and are able to focus entirely on their clients. Would you like try it yourself? Call us and we’ll gladly explain how our services can help you.


Together we can hit
the targets that are becoming more challenging by the day.


We make difficult subjects accessible and fun.


We’ll make your organisation and its values tangible throughout all channels.


Snel naar een meetbaar resultaat.

Koersen op kansen.

Online is een revolutie. Hobbelde de industrialisatie nog rustig 90 jaar door, online dendert. Raast. Explodeert. Het laat geen seconde onbenut en laat geen mens onberoerd. Winkelomzetten lopen terug. Kranten lezen we nog amper. Kerstkaarten doen we af met een e-mail. Praten doen we via Twitter, Facebook en Whatsapp. En wie niet bijblijft, wordt revolutionair snel ouderwets. Of gaat failliet. Nu ook de babyboomers vertrouwd zijn met internet groeien online omzetten spectaculair. Online koerst op kansen…en het is aan jou op tijd op te stappen.

Online onbegrijpelijk?

Voor velen is online een jungle die alleen maar dichter wordt. Wordpress, seo, sea, internet of things, Google Analytics, inbound marketing, auto responsive…iedere dag heeft zijn eigen nieuwe kreet en innovatie. Wat is relevant voor jou? Wat niet? En waar moet je eens rustig over nadenken? Kortom hoe stap je als ondernemer nu op die razende online trein, bij voorkeur zonder er direct weer af te vallen? Want ga maar na. De iPhone bestaat nog geen 10 jaar! En nog niet zo lang geleden kon je met een paar simpele trucs hoog in Google ranken. Nu lacht Google om al dat gegoochel. Het draait om échte meerwaarde, échte relevantie. Niet alleen voor Google, maar ook voor de consument.

Slim online is soms ook offline.

Wij hebben online onderverdeeld in 6 segmenten en passen deze perfect in het grotere geheel. Omnichannel dus. En 360 graden. Want niemand is alleen maar online. Of winkelt alleen maar in de Kalverstraat. Iedereen is overal. De winnende strategie is dus de strategie die offline en online combineert op een manier die de klant bereikt. Gespecialiseerde online bureaus doen dat niet. Gespecialiseerde offline bureaus doen dat ook niet. Qiss doet het wel, want wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het bereiken van klanten. Ook die van jou! Doe de online sQan om in kaart te brengen hoe online je bent en zou moeten zijn. Dan praten we daarna over hoe we je van dienst kunnen zijn. Rustig offline. Of razendsnel online.


Er is nooit iets af, we meten, schaven
en testen er lustig op los.

Social media.

Geef onze creatieven een week
de teugels in handen en laat je

Online activatie.

Of het nou een kleine activatie is
of een massale cross channel

Meet the result makers.

Meet the qissers. Enthusiastic specialists who are happy to engage with you. Not opposite each other, but alongside one another. Always with the result in mind.

Our partners.

The ideal partner in content marketing, social media and affiliate marketing. Thanks to sgxl.nl, Yellowbeard has grown to millions of daily possibilities for interaction in no time. Now they stand for much more than just bad jokes; Yellowbeard is involved in concept development, social media management and is a star in content marketing.

Do you want to change as an organisation? Do you want to get more out of your people? Lots of questions like this pop up at Progres every day. While we get more out of service providers’ communication strategies and are therefore a little more outward looking, Progres changes them from the inside. A partner that is the perfect match.

They are our support and crutch in the area of printing. They combine their extensive experience in the field with their continuous search for innovative solutions. Samplonius & Samplonius is the ideal interlocutor when it comes to producing our campaigns and activations.

We zijn gezegend meteen fantastische werkplek.

We are privileged to be able to call the beautiful Vondelkerk (Vondel Church) in the heart of Amsterdam our office. A unique location where together we are laying the foundations for exciting 360-degree retail concepts, dynamic services and the best possible result every time. Drop by some time. Become a churchgoer!

Talent wanted!

Are you a photographer, designer, web builder, writer, illustrator or creative in other areas?
No matter whether you’re a junior, senior, student or freelancer… if you’re better than the rest, we’d love to hear from you.