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Retail is exciting.

Retail is selling in its purest form. Face-to-face. Entrepreneur-to-customer. It’s a great segment! We’re retail fans. But retail has also been put under pressure. No more face-to-face; now it’s face-to-computer screen. This didn’t happen from one day to the next by the way; it’s has been going on since the 1990s, when the Internet started to enrich our lives. Many traditional retailers decided to do online what they were used to doing offline. Under pressure from affiliated entrepreneurs, many retail organisations decided not to engage in e-commerce at all. Many other retailers still believe three identical items per square kilometre of store area to be a sensible sales strategy. The results are familiar. A shift in the global economy. And fortunately, new retailers who understand that you need to change when the market demands it. Think of the Coolblue service heroes who are now opening offline stores as well. Or the success of clothing giant Primark. Nothing online, just face-to-face. Back in the queue. Waiting to be allowed to pay for your new-found twenty-quid jeans. Do you want to be successful in retail? It’s still possible.

Retail was exciting.

We are just wondering where the passion has gone. Call it nostalgia, but only managing by numbers sucks the life out of the physical shop, doesn’t it? Look at Albert Heijn supermarket’s fish section. Or rather, the fish shelf. The little fish shelf. It’s nothing more than a collection of transparent trays of fish fillets inspired by shoe insoles, stacked by a 16-year-old student who (quite understandably) thinks of nothing but his scooter and Lianne who sits in the front row of his maths class. No wonder consumers would rather shop online. There’s at least as much atmosphere and inspiration! It’s a pity that the graduate Category Manager at Head Office doesn’t stop to think about that when optimising their profit per square centimetre of shelf space. Make retail fun for the customer again. Make retail exciting again!

Retail is going to be exciting again.

Retail is selling. It is still just selling. That is why we cherish our knowledge and experience built up over the past thirty years. We continue to insist that employees on the shop floor should ‘just’ smile in a friendly way. The Internet hasn’t changed us as people. As the Internet has in fact changed our purchasing behaviour, we are adding new techniques to what we already knew. We use the good things from the past. We use the good things from the present. We use what is good for retail sales. Your sales? We’d be happy to discuss it some time. Exciting stuff!

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