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Online is a revolution. While industrialisation has been calmly bouncing along for 90 years, online is booming. Raging. Exploding. It doesn’t waste a second and has had an impact on everyone on the planet. Shop sales are on the decline. We barely read newspapers any more. We’re replacing Christmas cards with email. We communicate on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. And anyone who fails to keep up will soon find themselves obsolete. Or bankrupt. Now that the baby boomers are also familiar with the internet, online sales are enjoying spectacular growth. Online is on track to opportunities…and it’s up to you to get on board on time.

Is online incomprehensible?

For many people, online is a jungle that is only getting denser. WordPress, SEO, SEA, Internet of Things, Google Analytics, inbound marketing, auto responsive… every day seems to herald another new slogan or innovation. What’s relevant to you? What isn’t? And what do you need to spend time thinking about? In other words, as an entrepreneur, how can you get on board the runaway online train, preferably without falling straight off again? Think about it. The iPhone isn’t even ten years old yet! And it wasn’t such a long time ago that a couple of simple tricks would get you a high Google ranking. Now Google is laughing at all that trickery. It’s all about true added value and genuine relevance. Not only for Google, but also for the consumer.

Being smart online sometimes means being offline.

We have subdivided online into six segments so they integrate perfectly with the bigger picture. That means Omnichannel and 360-degree marketing. Because nobody is only online or shops exclusively on Kalverstraat. Everyone is everywhere. The winning strategy is therefore the strategy that combines offline and online in a way that reaches the customer. Specialist online agencies don’t do that. Specialised offline agencies don’t do that either; qiss does though, because we specialise in reaching customers. Yours too! Apply for the qiss sqan today and find out how online you are and how online you should be. Afterwards, we’ll talk about we can do for you. At a leisurely pace offline. Or ultrafast online.

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