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Services in dire straits.

Service providers have had a rude awakening. It wasn’t a question being gently and carefully roused; they were woken up by loudly clanging alarm bells. The private sector saw demand collapse and faced overcapacity, falling prices and falling sales. A lack of consumer confidence – The public sector was faced with cutbacks and was called upon to perform better and better with ever-decreasing resources. A lack of money in the government – Although the economy is now showing a slight recovery, the market for service providers remains fragile. We’re not there yet.

It’s all about performance.

A lack of obligations is pre-crisis. Past. Of another age. Results and accountability are the magic words that everything in services is currently all about. As a manager you are only as good as your latest results, and not achieving those results has inevitable consequences. This way of working can lead to fear, and fear paralyses you. It leads to a management that does not dare to change and to employees who face their future with trepidation. It’s not a great foundation for growth. It is therefore important to combine flexibility with trust and results. At qiss, we will help make services dynamic and fun.

It’s all a question of pride.

Together with Progres consultancy (and Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle) we look for the intrinsic and extrinsic brand essence of organisations. We use this philosophy as a basis on which to look for a common goal that drives everyone. We inspire management and encourage employees. Because everyone matters. And everyone wants to feel proud. To be as one. To feel strong together. We therefore superimpose content, process and relationship on top of each other and make sure a company’s identity seamlessly fits the brand DNA. An identity that the entire organisation can be proud of. This way, services become dynamic and fun again. This way, service providers become strong again and are able to focus entirely on their clients. Would you like try it yourself? Call us and we’ll gladly explain how our services can help you.

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