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Brands disappear into nothingness

TMF, the Land of Once, Libertel, Daewoo, Benbits – more and more trusted and well-known brands are disappearing from our lives, whether we notice or not. We can no longer take for granted the things we take for granted. Even V&D succumbed. We can blame online shopping for that. We can use the recession as a scapegoat, but that doesn’t explain why new brands are appearing faster than the old ones are disappearing. Zalando, which gives customers a vast choice and flexibility. Media Market, for customers who still want to touch products., where shopping convenience rather than the lowest price makes the difference. Each and every one of them successful in a world tormented by online shopping and recession. So the question is whether the consumer has actually changed. Yes, online shopping is popular. Yes, consumers benefit from transparent prices. But a brand can still be the thing that makes a difference.

Change was, still is, and is here to stay

More and more organisations and companies are having trouble keeping all the balls in the air. There is a lack of expertise. Marketers are struggling to strike a balance between online and offline. Managers see things in terms of an old world and a new one. And everyone keeps on reinventing the wheel. So why? Is there actually an old world and a new one? Doesn’t change simply belong to all times and shouldn’t we ‘simply’ go along with it? Yesterday, narrowcasting was still sacred; today SEO and Google Analytics are divine. The secret? Stay flexible. Cherry pick. More than anything, keep your brand stable. Make sure your brand remains relevant and distinctive, even if something new is invented tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow.

Notice the difference

At Qiss, we believe in strong brands now more than ever. We believe in a clear and distinctive proposition that reaches the heart of the target group. That’s what makes the difference. No gimmicks; just served neat. Real. From within. In order to get that brand DNA clear, we scrape, peel, shell and dig until we get to the essence. This creates an inspiring and solid grip for us to continue building using an omnichannel strategy. Consequently, everything about the brand makes sense. Everything reinforces everything else. Everything is consistent and coherent. As such, everything is always clearly recognisable to the client. Customers used to like that and they still do, and that will always be the case. Can you explain the relevance of your brand in one sentence? Can you say what makes it distinctive and unique? If you can’t, or if you are in any doubt, then make an appointment for an introduction or a brainstorming session. You’ll see that there is a better way of doing things!

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